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We put the experience of building owners and their residents first.

Setting the gold standard for Virtual Doorman Services with more than a decade of experience

More than a decade ago, VirtualWay seized the opportunity to innovate by offering higher quality live access services at a low cost. Today, with the rise of more cost effective access hardware and cloud-based computing, VirtualWay is redesigning building access control systems from the ground up.

All our services and access services are tailor-made solely for the benefit of the residential property – especially the people who live there and who manage it.

The need for a seamless building access control experience has never been stronger. With more people working and staying at home and transacting through e-commerce, food and other in-person delivery services, guest access control is top of mind for building owners and residents alike.

VirtualWay is leading the industry with it’s 24/7 live Virtual Concierge offering live access control services, built around its best-in-class Domik wireless virtual intercom.


Jacob Segal